• Lovingly connecting Mind, Body and Soul



  • In yoga class with me... in Market Rasen or Online...

    ...we spend 90mins journeying together to explore how to still the mind. We integrate our awareness around our breath. Explore different breathwork exercises. Move through a gentle flow of hatha yoga based postures. Guided relaxation is used to allow the mind to become as still as the body, therefore reaching that blissful magical place of the unification of mind body and soul. Maintaining that good vibe through a guided meditation to cleanse and clear the energy body. And always a parting gift of a method you can take with you on how to stay grounded, focused, calm and strong in your daily lives.

    Yoga & Breathwork


    Yoga postures


    Guided Relaxation

    Guided Meditation

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    The best gift of all is Self Love...

    Are you feeling that shift as we enter into new times with new rhythms? Are you noticing that the need to care for ourselves is ever more important? Is the universe sending you signs that you are needing to find time to prioritise your body's needs? Are you listening? Or have you been putting those thoughts to the back of you mind and telling yourself that you'll get round to that another time? What is it that we can do to reset mind body and soul?

    Through years of exploring ways to restore my mind, body and soul, through personal challenges, family experience and caring for clients, I now love to share the techniques and treatments I have learned, created and developed over years of practice and experience, to bring to you what I have discovered to work wonders for myself and many happy clients.

    My name is Laura, and I love to live as lovingly as possible. For over 15 years I have been training, qualifying, experiencing and developing ways in which to support you though life's challenges. Whether they be physical pain from injury, repetitive strain, immobility, hyper flexibility, or if its mental wellbeing that that needs support, from anxiety to depression, loss of vitality, or searching for a deeper soul purpose, then I can give you the power to make these changes in your life. Support you on your journey to self care and self improvement. Restoring energy to your body and peace to your mind.